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Bush Coconut Dreaming Red by Audrey Martin


The Bush coconut or bloodwood apple, is an Australian bush tucker food, often eaten by Aborigines of Central Australia. The bush coconut is, in fact, a combination of plant and animal: an adult pores female scale insect, lives in a gall induced on a bloodwood eucalypt. It is in the size of an apple with a rough exterior, a small grub can be found inside after breaking the fruit open and is usually eaten. The white flesh is also eaten.

Audrey Martin Napanangka is a very good artist. She belongs to Yuendumu group of artists. She beautifully depicted the bush coconut plants in a decorative manner. The best time to look for bush onion is around April/May. Audrey Martin Napanangka was born in Yuendumu where bush coconuts grow abundantly.


Dimensions: 1.10 x 2.00 m

100% cotton

FABRIC Bush Coconut Dreaming Red (1 x 2 metres)

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